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Benefits of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

If you’ve got a business that involves driving as a regular business activity, you’d better have your vehicle(s) wrapped up.  Driving in a non-descript vehicle doesn’t do you any good, and you would actually lose an opportunity to make an easy impression. But why does having your information on your vehicle make such a big difference?  It definitely depends on what kind of business you’re in.

Here’s a few types of businesses and the benefits that they enjoy by having a wrap on their fleet.

Food Distribution

Coca Cola - Food Distribution Truck

Distributing foods from a manufacturing facility to stores is a great time to remind people who might see the truck about your great product.  I dare you to look at a bakery truck and not think about fresh bread—and then really, really want fresh bread.  The sentiment isn’t limited to bakeries, any consumer product that has an established brand benefits from branded trucks.  When you see a Coca-Cola truck, you might think about the feeling of bubbles on your tongue.  When you see a Doritos truck, you remember the zesty crunch of one of your favorite snacks.

For distribution, advertising doesn’t lead to a direct sale per se.  Of course you don’t want people to follow the truck to try and get to what’s inside.  It’s just a not-so-discreet reminder to look for that product at the grocery market.  And if you’re like me right now, craving a snack break, then you know how well it works.

Moving Trucks

U-Haul - Moving Truck

Trucks for rent, like a U-Haul, make great use of graphics on the truck.  First of all, they get attention and remind people that their brand is around—often during a season where everyone wants to rent a truck and move things around at once.

Another element that they’ve incorporated is to include a local flair or to advertise for a local partner.  That’s a really great, creative way to get more out of the space on your vehicle.  You might use it to get cash up front from the partner, negotiate better terms for service arrangements, or leverage it for exclusive partnerships.  If someone is going to hire your business for something, what else would they want to buy?

Driving Schools

Student Driver - Driving School Car

If you run a driving school, then marking your vehicle is almost like direct marketing for you.  There are a lot of great benefits for having a well-branded vehicle, but driving schools are advertising to people who want the service where they’re at.  You can get even more exposure by taking tours through neighborhoods where you know that there are a lot of families with high-school students, thinking about hiring a business like yours.

This is an example of getting the maximum impact for very little effort.  Once your car is marked, all you need to do to advertise is work!

Delivery Trucks

Hybrid Electric Fed Ex - Delivery Truck

Let’s be honest—when you see a UPS or Fedex truck rolling down your neighborhood, you feel like it’s Christmas.  There’s something really satisfying about receiving something, even if you’ve already paid for it.  And what better impression could your business be making?  You literally get to play Santa Claus the whole year.  That’s a type of brand association that other businesses wish they could get a piece of.

Home Service

Mrs.CleanNW Maid Service - Home Service Car

Almost anything can be a home service—from the cable guy to a maid service, from Roto Rooter to Geek Squad.  The circumstances that bring these service providers to a home in your neighborhood may not always be pleasant, but they leave neighborhoods with three things:

  1. A reminder that the brand does, in fact, exist.
  2. Someone in the neighborhood that can provide a testimonial for the business.
  3. The impression that the service is easy to use—they came to someone’s house after all.  How much easier could it get?

What If You’re Not In Any of These Businesses?

No need to fret.  This list is all about seeing things from your target audience’s point of view.  So think about what messages you can send people with a well-marked vehicle that will get them to think about you.

If you’d like to look into getting a wrap, click here to find the right size wraps for your car or truck. And if you think of some specific benefit for a business type I haven’t mentioned, leave it in the comments below.

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