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Why Paint When You Can Wrap?

Are you looking for a fresh new look for your car, truck, boat or motorcycle? Nothing transforms the look and feel of a vehicle like a completely new body color or pattern. Unfortunately painting your vehicle a different color can either devalue your investment or can be very expensive (when done right). AutoTize has been helping vehicle owners in the Seattle area and nationwide customize their with professional removable vinyl wraps since 1999. Vehicle wraps can last up to 5 years and are 100% removable. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver cost effective custom wrap solutions in a timely manner.

Custom Matte Black Vinyl Wraps

Matte black vinyl wraps are the latest trend in the custom car world today. The “flat black” or matte black look was brought to the mainstream by celebrities like Rob Dyrdek (DC clothing line owner and professional skateboarder) who coined the phrase “Murder’d Out” used to describe a series of custom vehicles he owns. Rob is not the only celebrity that favors the menacing matte black look, other social icons like David Beckham, Justin Beiber and now recently Kobe Bryant have added flat black painted exotic cars to their coveted vehicle collections.

Today it’s easier than ever to convert your vehicle into very own personal “stealth bomber” with AutoTize’s matte black vinyl wrap service. We currently offer a wide range vinyl wrap options to cater to the creative vision you have for your new ride including interior components.

Choose From Partial & Full Flat Black Vinyl Wraps

Before deciding on what type of wrap you are considering, it’s best to ask yourself whether your goal is to change the entire look or to just accent a specific area of the vehicle you are going to wrap (car, truck, boat or motorcycle)? Below we have outlined both our partial and full wrap options.

Partial Matte Black Wraps

Partial matte black wraps are less expensive than full body wraps since they require less material. Popular partial flat black wrap methods include wrapping only the hood, roof or bumper of a car or truck.

Full Matte Black Wraps

Full Matte Black wraps include projects where the entire surface area of the vehicle is completely wrapped. If you really like the matte or “flat” look but are not necessarily crazy about black, simply when submitting for a quote ask about our alternative matte wrap choices such as;

Matte Wrap Color Options

  • Matte White
  • Matte Orange
  • Matte Pink
  • Matte Green
  • Plus more! For additional matte color options,please review our 3M matte color palette

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics FAQ’s

Learn more about our installation process requirements by reviewing our vehicle wrap FAQ’s.

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