Personal Vehicle & Matte Finish Wraps

Your ticket to wider brand exposure. Stadiums and public venues are powerful brand-building environments. They present exciting promotional opportunities that help you connect with customers and reinforce your relationship with them.

  1. Personal Car Wraps

    AutoTize has you covered from front to rear. If your looking to wrap the whole car or just a portion, AutoTize is perfect for the job!
  2. Personal Truck Wraps

    Do you have an SUV or Truck you would love to wrap? No projects to large for AutoTize! Ready to be AutoTize’d?
  3. Matte Finish Vehicle Wrap

    Have you always wanted to change the color of your car, but want the option to change back? Don’t wanna pay for expensive paint jobs? AutoTize has you covered with their Matte Finish Wraps!
  4. Carbon Fiber Vehicle Wraps

    Want to add that carbon fiber look to your ride? Want to accent portions of your vehicle? AutoTize is here to help you carbon fiber fit that car!

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