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“30% of vehicle wrap viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see”
  Expand the amount of exposure that you business receives daily with custom car wraps for your business. If you live in the Seattle area chances are that you have seen several of the hundreds of car wraps that we have installed since AutoTize’s inception. Over the years we have expanded our car graphics, products and services to various companies located throughout the country, and have had the opportunity to complete full car wrap fleets for large organizations such as US Celluar and Microsoft.

Full or Partial Wraps & Custom Graphics

A full car wraps pertains to bumper to bumper vinyl graphics and design. Full wraps are ideal for large promotional, eye-catching graphics designed to completely transform the color and pattern of the car. Full wraps also take advantage of the multiple angles that a potential prospect may view your vehicle, therefore increasing the amount of impressions that are received.

Partial Car Wraps Partial car wraps require less material and are a more economic solution for small or large fleets. Partial wraps allow for your company’s logo and contact information to be displayed on the most important areas of your car, while lowering the overal cost for the project.

Partial Car Wraps Custom car Graphics and lettering are the most economical wrap that uses cut lettering with a partial digitally printed graphics. AutoTize’s designers will use the car’s shape and color to come up with a creative design to deliver your business’s message to the world.

Car Graphic FAQ’s

Learn more about our installation process requirements by reveiwing our car wrap FAQ’s.

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