When is it a Mistake to Paint Your Car? You Can Avoid These Pitfalls!

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Sometimes, it’s easy to tell if someone is motivated by cost or value. Here’s an example: it’s not uncommon for us, or any other wrap shop to get a request to for a quote on a prospect’s vehicle.  And some of the time, that quote is met with an indignant response.  In these cases, the prospect might say something along the lines of, “Why would I pay that for a wrap when I can get my (car/truck/van) painted for a few hundred dollars?!”

A Quality Problem

A Quality Problem Car Painting It begs the question, why do some people compare an auto wrap to a (low-end) paint job?  Why do other people accept the quote or buy a wrap based on the quote?  I have to think that some of the reason stems from the fact that neither wrapping nor painting is a standard service.  You can have a great wrap job or a really stunning paint job, but there are also providers who will be slipshod about either painting or wrapping your vehicle. When you’re getting good work done by either a wrapper or a painter, it’s easy to appreciate the quality and know that your investment was money well spent.  And at their peaks, an expert wrapper differentiates himself from an expert painter with the small details of the work.  If you’re having really good work done, the two services don’t even compare to one another.  But if you don’t really care about quality, if the price is more important than the end result, then it doesn’t really matter at all whether you choose a wrap or a paint job– neither will really be worth the money you’ve spent. Still, it’s worth the time to really consider some of the differences in the processes.  That way, when you’re shopping for a quality provider, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

The Process of Paint

The Process of Painting a Car There are certain things that you ought to expect when you’re looking for a paint job.  To start, vehicles often need a lot of prep work to take the paint.  Your car, truck, or van will need to get sanded and primed before a drop of paint even makes contact.  Expect that vehicle to be out of commission for around two weeks while the paint settles.  In the end, the quality of the paint really makes the difference in how good it looks and how long it will last. This isn’t necessarily what you can expect out of every paint job, though.  Super-cheap paint jobs are characterized by cutting corners.  Skipping the sanding and priming, for example, is a great way for a shop to get your car out of their hands and take your money as quickly as they can.  Of course, you also end up with a shoddy paint job that will slough off in just a few years.  But it will be really cheap!

What Wrapping Has Over Painting

Wrapping Car vs Painting Car To be fair, since AutoTize is a wrap provider, it would probably be best for you to consider this a start to your research in painting, not the end.  On the other hand, we do know a thing or two about wrapping your vehicles. For example, if two weeks is too long to wait between transitions, wrapping has you covered.  Your vehicle can get a new wrap in just a day or two (or even a few hours), and then you’re back on the road.  And where a bad paint job will start coming off in a few years, a vinyl wrap can last 5-7 years if it’s well cared for. It’s a no-risk proposition, too, because if you don’t like the wrap or you’re ready to change it up, a vinyl wrap can be safely and easily removed from your car without lowering any of the value. If you have a different design in mind, the digital designing process means that you can include any number of intricate and precise patterns.  Logos, digital images, and even QR codes are all within reach. Are you thinking about making changes to your vehicle?  Did this post help you make a decision, or do you still have some questions?  Let us know in the comments below so we can fill you in on any details we might have missed! You Might Also Like…

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