Wraps For Contractors: Indispensable And Economical

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If you’re a contractor of any kind, then you know that you’ve got to be creative with your marketing.  Recently, there’s been a one-two punch that has upset many contractors’ marketing game plans.  The economic climate, of course, makes it harder to see a return on investment for a lot of forms of advertising.  Meanwhile, marketing channels are experiencing upheaval.  Many standard and trusted advertising options rapidly lose effectiveness; while the channels that are gaining in popularity—like social media—are don’t yet have many set rules.

Luckily, there’s an option for contractors that has enduring effectiveness and is familiar for contractors of any type: vehicle wraps.

Moving Sign

Many contractors, especially home-care specialists, use signage as part of their advertising efforts.  A fence building may leave a small sign on a new fence, or a lawn care specialist may stake a sign to show who did the job.  Even roofers will install a sign out front while they’re working on a project.  The idea is, of course, that is passers-by notice the work that was done and they want that same quality for their home or property, they know who to contact.  A vehicle wrap can have the same effect, and its detailed and engaging graphics may even bring more traffic while the project is in progress.  Even if you’ve got something to leave behind, don’t forget to let people know that you’re already there.

Inside Work

Inside Work - All Star Carpet Care

If your expertise brings you inside someone’s home or business, then you might not have a good reason to set up a sign or leave-behind outside like other contractors do.  Plumbers, electricians, or even service contractors like maids or computer help don’t get to set up any extra, on-the job notices in the community.  And yet, there is still an opportunity to get to the top of everyone’s mind: your marked car.  When you’re in a field that people don’t need to engage all of the time, social proofing and recommendations become that much more important.

Economic Advertising

Economic Advertising - Natural Concept Landscape

While I’ve discussed the importance of demonstrating your presence while you’re on the job, there’s another big unique value that you can get by putting a wrap on your work vehicle.  Other forms of advertising often have recurring costs, as in the cases of newspaper, TV, or even some online advertising.  But a vehicle wrap has no such costs—except maybe the cost to take it through a car wash every now and again to let your message stay visible.  Since your vehicle markings give you lasting value, it’s a good idea to think about putting effort and resources into this investment, which, if properly executed, will bring in new clients for years to come.  That means, you can’t be satisfied with just having black lettering on white paint.  You’ve got to grab people’s attention with full colors, engaging images, and everything they need to get to the next step—like a web address and your phone number.  Make it easy to see, easy to read, and easy to engage.

How Do You Wrap?

Are you a contractor with a wrap, lettering, or other markings on your vehicle?  What kind of results have you gotten from your investment?  Leave your experiences and story in the comments, and if you’d like to look into getting a wrap for your own work vehicle, check out our vehicle wrap section.

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