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If I were pressed to identify the businesses that would gain the most from vehicle wrapping, distributors and suppliers would be in the top three.  A distributor or supplier business model has people out in the field all of the time, pushing product down the channel.  While they’ve got trucks out on the road, that’s the perfect time to get a little bit of extra attention for the brand—sometimes just a little reminder to pick it up later, but don’t discount the impulse effect!  I’ve definitely been known to follow a bakery truck right into a grocery store. If you’re thinking about getting wraps for your fleet of distribution vehicles, first of all, great idea.  But there are a few things for you to think about.

What to Expect

What to Expect - Waterfront Fish Market We’ve  talked about the ins-and-outs of getting a vehicle wrap in a previous post, but some special consideration goes for distribution vehicles that can sometimes be nonstandard or customized somehow.  Sometimes, you’ll get a mock up produced to make sure that the truck’s frame doesn’t get any interference.  Custom color profiles may be produced to make sure that your colors stand out as you would like them to.  After the planning phases are taken care of, the wrap will be printed, laminated, and trimmed for size.  Rivets on your vehicle can sometimes make for a special case, causing bubbles later on if the wrap isn’t properly installed.  Make sure you’re working with a professional!

What Goes On the Trucks?

What Goes On The Trucks - Corona Van When you’re planning out what will go on the truck, there are a few obvious choices.  You can start by using a color scheme that is already a part of the brand, like you use on the logo or website.  Speaking of the logo, that’s a no brainer!  Leave room for your logo.  A big broad wrap is a great opportunity to showcase your products using high-def images.  You can focus on one product to great detail or take a look at your whole selection!  One other element to think about is a QR code.  Smartphones are everywhere in our culture, and a well-placed QR code can expose your website or current promotion to pedestrians and other people who may just be in traffic.

Not a Supplier?  There’s Still Hope!

Not A Supplier - Andersons Garage Doors If you’re not a supplier or distributor, but you still see the value in getting a wrap to advertise your products, you may be in luck!  Some suppliers use a cooperative program.  That is, they’ll help you get a wrap for your vehicles at a fraction of the cost, or even for free!  Most of the time, these programs have a requirement that you use the supplier’s brand over a certain amount of space on your vehicle.  The supplier that you work with is always looking to get some awareness for your brand, and exposure on the road is as good as anywhere else!

Suppliers’ Demand

Have you seen any great uses of supply or distribution vehicles?  Have any questions or comments?  If you’re thinking about getting wraps for your trucks, click here and find out what we can do for you.  And if you’ve got comments, leave them in the comments below! Related Links

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