Window Graphics: What You See Is What You Get

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Part of the appeal of operating a storefront is getting walk-ins, especially in a high-traffic area.  There are a variety of tools to make sure that happens.  Many big franchises have custom architecture or big signage for name recognition.  But if you’re on your own or on a budget, then one thing to consider is a vinyl wrap for your windows.

The Marketing Side

The Marketing Side - Mall Window Graphic There are a lot of benefits that you can get with window graphics, no matter where you’re located.  If you’re in a strip mall or shopping center, window graphics can get attention from traffic passing by, and may lure in people for that coveted impulse buy.  Do you run a salon?  A picture of a happy lady with a stylish cut may do the trick.  How about a restaurant?  Put a big picture of your top seller on the window and watch customers line up to fill their stomachs.  What about if you’re in a pedestrian mall, where there’s definitely foot traffic?  A window graphic becomes even more valuable if no one else has one.  If you’ve got a location-based business, this may be one of the most important marketing tools you could have.

 The Functional Side

Window Wrap vs. Window Paint Maybe you’re saying, why should I get a graphic when I can paint my window?  It’s a reasonable question, with a list of reasonable responses.
  • High Def, Custom Graphics: Painting takes a lot of time if you’re putting detail into it.  With a graphic, you get high-def images and lettering that will get your point across without confusion.
  • Full Color: were you going to mix paints to get another color?  A custom graphic already has all the colors that you want to get your point across.
  • Let The Light In: Painting up your window blocks so much of the light and view from outside.  Perforated window graphics display your message to the outside, while people on the inside can still see outside.
  • No Damage Removal: What does it take to get the paint off once you’re done with it?  Scrubbing?  Harsh cleaners?  With a window graphic, it’s as easy as pulling it from your window.  No muss, no fuss, and nothing left behind.

Are Window Graphics Right For You?

Are Window Graphics Right For You? Window graphics are valuable for some of the most obvious, traffic-based businesses and even some of the less obvious ones.  Are they right for you?  Check out the window graphics section if you’re interested, and if you’re looking for some help in making that decision post your questions below. You might also like:

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