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If you’re in the business of owning or managing a car dealership, you’re in a little bit of a predicament.  The end consumer isn’t keen to come in and buy from you with frequency.  In that case, it’s important to keep up your awareness marketing to remind people how to find you, but also to slip in when a potential customer is in the market for a car and they want to know what you’ve got to offer.  You can add a lot to your inbound marketing techniques just by using vinyl wrapping.

Window Wraps

Auto Dealership Window Graphic Wraps

Your location is maybe one of the most important tools that you’ve got.  Many auto dealerships put effort into turning their location into a spectacle, using big flood lights, streamers, or balloons to get attention to their big lot full of vehicles.  Don’t discount the effect that wrapping your showroom windows can have!  If there’s a new model that’s just come out that you would like to promote, or if you offer a guarantee or other value proposition that another dealership does not, those are all great to display in detail on your big outside windows.  You don’t need to lease a billboard when you’ve got graphics that size!

Part Department Vehicle Wraps

Auto Dealership Parts Truck Van Wrap

For many auto dealerships, distributing parts is the lifeblood of operations.  How often is your parts truck on the road?  How many hours, and following what routes?  You would be making a huge mistake to ignore branding your parts delivery vehicles as well.  The Parts Vehicles deliver to other Dealerships, Auto Repair Shops & Retail Stores so they are being seen all over town and at their competitor’s place of business.

Courtesy Shuttle Wraps

Auto Dealership Shuttle Wrap

Have you got a service shuttle to drive your clients back to their house or work while their cars are being serviced?  That’s a great opportunity to spread the word about the dealership and the value proposition.  A possible client is interested in any perk that they can get, and they’re likely to switch over to your services if they feel like you offer something that their current mechanic cannot.

Interior Showroom & Service Wall Murals

Auto Dealership Interior Showroom Service Wall Mural

Not everyone that is inside your showroom has committed to buying, and any chance that you can get to make a memorable impression is a good one.  By using vinyl murals in your showroom, you can expose people to the best offers and give them more information to further research one of the biggest purchases that they’ll ever make!  Couple a mural with promotional materials that they can take home, and you’ll have an effective combination.

Other Uses in Your Dealership

These are some of the most common applications for vinyl wrapping in an auto dealership, but are there any other inventive ways that you’ve heard of getting the word out about an auto dealership?  If you’d like to look further into any of the uses that are mentioned, check out the vinyl window cover section and the auto wrapping section.  And if you’ve got your own tip on how to build awareness for your dealership, please leave it in the comments below!

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