Trend Spotting: 5 Creative Bus Wraps

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Buses are an excellent opportunity to get out awareness about your brand, whether you’re wrapping your own vehicle or you’ve leased advertising space with a transit organization.  Here are five creative wraps that great brands have used on buses around the world.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo Bus Wrap

The Copenhagen Zoo had a stranglehold on creative mobile advertising when they wrapped a bus with this graphic.  A giant constrictor snake is wrapping and crushing this bus like it’s prey.  I wouldn’t want to be inside when the snake gets in!

Dr. Best Flexing Brush

Dr. Best Flex Bending Toothbrush Bus Wrap

Toothbrushes are like razors—it seems they’re always improving, or just changing to be different from the rest of the market.  Dr. Best advertised on a bus with an accordion connector, utilizing that part of the bus to demonstrate the toothbrush’s flexing grip.  That’s one way to work with what you’ve got!


Tiernitos Dog Treats Bus Wrap

Tiernitos is a pet food brand by Gepsa.  It comes in a variety of flavors suitable for puppies and adult dogs—and that’s all stuff that the dog walker on the side of the bus should have known about before he took his pack near the bus stop.  This graphic depicts an unfortunate dog walker who is implanted on the side of the bus by the sheer excitement of his dogs for this Tiernitos.  Poor guy!

Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer Man Driving Backwards Bus Wrap

Centraal Beheer (English: Central Management) is an insurance company in the Netherlands.  The distracted driver on this bus is actually a permeable window wrap: clear graphics outside, transparent from the inside.  So, anyone who sees this bus is going to think that the driver is distracted, whether it’s stopped or barreling down the road.  The slogan, “Even Apeldoorn Belen” (“Just Call Apeldoorn”), is a meme-saying that invites people to call the insurance agency, even before they have to deal with a real careless driver.

National Geographic Channel

This bus challenges you to step into the jaws of death to get a ride!  To advertise a new program on the National Geographic Channel, they’ve put a shark on the side of this bus, with its teeth situated right over the doors.  To get on the bus, you need to step into its mouth.  The accompanying slogan,  “Built for the kill,” put a rather fine point to it.

Does Your Brand Need a Bus?

Do you have a bus or are you thinking about leasing space to wrap a bus?  What kinds of designs do you like to use?  What designs make good use of the space and utilities of a bus?  If you’re thinking about wrapping a bus, check out what we can do for you.  And if you’ve seen a great bus wrap or have had one done yourself, let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. October 18, 2012


    These designs are absolutely AMAZING! i would be happiest driver around driving a bus with that snake vinyl around it! Gosh i am so jealous.

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