Should Your Fleet Ditch Lettering? Part 2: Lose the Lettering, Grab a Wrap!

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In the last post, we covered a few reasons why you may want to ditch your self-installed lettering.  Does that mean that we’re saying that branding isn’t important?  Of course not!  In fact, making sure that your fleet carries your message into the field is a requirement for good promotion.  Companies spend a lot of money to develop a brand and keep the message consistent, even across different media. No, what we’re suggesting is this: lose the lettering and wrap that fleet up!  Here are a few of the top reasons why you’ll want to go with a full wrap.

Give Your Fleet a Face Lift

You probably know by now that if you’re not advertising on your fleet at all, you’re probably not standing out whether parked or in traffic.  Vinyl lettering will get you some attention—but is it the attention you want?  If you’ve got some older vehicles in your fleet, the wear and tear on those cars or trucks are going to affect your brand.  The solution: wrap up your older vehicles to turn back the clock. And, sure, you could get a paint job for your fleet before installing the lettering—but that might not be the smart decision.  A high-quality, custom paint job can cost in the range of about $3,000.  And, it will fade more quickly than a full vinyl wrap will.  In that case, a vinyl wrap is actually the economical, sound investment.

By The Numbers Benefits

Your wrapped fleet is more like a squad or swarm of mobile billboards than just a bunch of customized cars.  If you remember that you’re paying for advertising as well as transportation, you’ll realize how much more wrapping your fleet is worth.  For example, you can think about splitting your costs for gas and maintenance between both transportation and advertising expenditures. You want a meatier example?  How about this: a contractor fleet (two or more vehicles) is more affordable than any other form of interruptive advertising (in the same category as TV, radio, and newspaper ads).  In fact, depending on the medium that wrapping is being compared to, a single wrap can get as many impressions as the next best medium at up to 1/30 of the cost.  That’s because they last and last—up to five years for a single wrap.

Install Overhaul

If you hate trying to get lettering straight and worrying about bubbles, then you can take a load off your mind when you work with wraps.  Leave the work to our licensed and bonded installation experts.  They can take care to make sure your wrap get on straight without any bubbles.  And if you want to get your fleet wrapped before they leave the driveway, you just let us come to you—it’s as easy as that.  Another great feature of the installation is how easily it’s reversed.  You can wrap up a leased fleet without any worry that they’ll get harmed in the least.

Return on Investment?

We’re saying that wrapping your fleet is a better way to go than installing lettering by itself.  But what really works for you?  If you’re interested in looking into getting a wrap for your fleet, click here to find out more.  If you’ve got any questions or comments, leave them below! You Might Also Like…

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