Hidden Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping

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There are a lot of reasons why someone might consider a vinyl wrap for their vehicle. The intricate detail that you can get with a wrap is a big sell for some people, while others just like some of the available colors.  But regardless of whether you’re wrapping your car for commercial reasons, or you just want to make it look awesome, there are some benefits that you might have missed.

Time Saver

Matte Wrap Process - Time Saver

Getting a vinyl wrap for your car is a huge time saver over doing a paint job. If you want to paint the vehicle, you’ll need to go through the whole process of priming it, letting it dry, and repeating the process every time you add an extra layer or detail.  That’s days—maybe weeks—where you don’t have access to your car.

Vinyl wrapping is a quick process, once you decide to pull the trigger. Even if you want a custom design, the setup doesn’t require you to drop off your car until your design is finalized.  You’ll only have to find other transportation for the day that the vinyl goes on—and then you’re ready to show it off to everyone on the road.  It’s your car; use it when you need it!

Partial Wraps

Partial Wrap Car - BMW Carbon Fiber Wrap

Do you want to get your car covered in a matte finish, but don’t have the budget to do it all at once? Or maybe you just want to give your car an accent with a different colored panel or a stripe? The solution is simple: get a partial wrap.

Partial wraps—where you have one section of your car wrapped at a time—are a great way to integrate a little extra something that will make your car stand out. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop with what you’ve got, and if you like it enough, you can go back and have the rest of the car wrapped up.

Whether you want to be uniquely expressive or you’re looking for affordability, partial wraps can be a great option.

Peel to Preserve

Removing Matte Wrap From Car

Here’s one huge advantage that a vinyl wrap has over painting: resale.  If you try to resell a vehicle with a customized, personalized paint job, you run the risk that even the coloration will devalue the vehicle for the next buyer.

With a vinyl wrap, you can cover your car in whatever colors or designs that you want.  And then, when it’s time to consider reselling it, simply peel off the vinyl wrap and you’ll have your factory colors again.  That’s great for people who have uncommon tastes, but it’s even better for business managers.  If things go awry, the worst that will happen is that you’ll peel your logo off the vehicle and have it ready to wrap for the next venture.

Food For Thought

Although these are some of the benefits of getting a vinyl wrap that are frequently overlooked, it’s not an exhaustive list.  If you’re considering a wrap for your vehicle, you can start doing some research by checking out the vehicle wraps page.  Or, if you’ve got a story about how you’ve realized any of these benefits, please share it in the comments below.

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  1. January 20, 2014

    Nicole Stanley

    Good way to preserve the pristine condition for car.Components that are covered by vinyl wrap will not suffer weathering or fading from harmful UV either.

  2. February 24, 2014


    what if your ride has some rust?? or you want to do some mods like changing door handles? can this still work?

    • December 23, 2015

      Customer Service

      Make sure to clean off the rust with a solvent before wrapping it, if you dont the rust would ruin more of the car and the wrap. -Customer Service

  3. December 26, 2014

    Paul Vaughan

    I heard vinyl is not that good for a rusty ride. Better have it repainted instead. Instant One Media

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