Trend Spotting: 5 Celebrity Custom Wraps

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Without a doubt, people in the know are adopting vehicle wraps as a great way to make their new cars stand out.  There’s definitely been a trend toward covering your car in a muted, matte black exterior because in a world of shiny new cars, those wraps make your vehicle stand out as downright mean.

But not everyone is trying to murder out their vehicle, and some celebrities have begun to explore the full options of a wrap.  Here are five celebrities doing creative things with their cars.

Tyga’s Gold Audi R8

Tyga's Gold Audi R8

Tyga takes new trends back to 90s sensibilities, putting a wrap on his Audi R8 that would make it fit in with Master P’s gold tank.  Tyga’s definitely going to get all the attention he ever wanted while he’s rolling down the road—but I thought platinum was the precious metal of choice these days?  Leave it to the young talent to go make the old fashions cool again.

Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber's Chrome Fisker Karma

The Beeb clearly doesn’t have the obsession with precious metals that Tyga has, instead opting for a workshop chic appeal for the Fisker Karma that his manager gave him as a birthday present.  The Chrome wrap certainly gives it a sparkle, and the whole car looks like it came from some 1970s version of the future.

The Game’s Leather Ferrari F430

The Game's Leather Ferrari F430

The Game really stepped up when he purchased a Ferrari F430 that was all wrapped up in leather for $200,000.  Presumably, he’ll bring it home with him to California—which leads me to believe that it won’t keep its lush texture for too much longer.  It’s a creative idea, but is it practical?

Snooki’s Snakeskin Cadillac

Snooki's Snakeskin Cadillac Escalade

Snooki from the Jersey Shore had been spotted toting her friend JWoww around in her custom-wrapped snakeskin Cadillac.  It’s certainly an inspiration to wrap- and texture-lovers.  Snakeskin is available as a design in vinyl, but it looks so real you’d think the car was going to hiss at you!

Travis Barker’s Army Green Escalade

Travis Barker's Army Green Escalade

Travis Barker knows a thing or two about being a bad ass, and his army green Cadillac Escalade would demonstrate that—if it weren’t camouflaged.  Travis chose a distinct and different route from the typical matte color.  Instead of going stealth bomber like everyone else, Travis is rocking army surplus.  It goes to show you that different is the best fashion statement!

What Else Is Hot On The Streets?

Are there any new wraps out there that ought to be in this list?  Which one is your favorite?  Which looks stupid?  Leave your opinion below, and if you’re thinking about a new wrap for your ride, you can start here.


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