Should Your Fleet Ditch Lettering?

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If your business is big enough to have a fleet of vehicles (two or more) for any reason—whether shuttling, service, sales, or just distribution—then you probably already know the value of custom markings.  Many business owners or manager think that custom lettering is enough to advertise the business while the cars or trucks are on the road.  But is it? Here are some reasons to reconsider that lettering on your vehicle.

The Hidden Cost

  Many contractors and businesses want to try to keep costs low and manageable, understandably.  Sometimes, it’s tempting to buy the cheapest option available.  Vinyl lettering is definitely a more affordable option than a vinyl wrap or a custom paint job, but are you getting what you’ve paid for? That depends.  Are you paying to see fading and peeling more quickly than if you got a whole wrap?  Yes, and especially if you live in an area with inclement weather like our native Seattle.  Are you paying to have to buy another set of letters and reinstall several times in the lifespan of a full wrap?  Yes again.  So the real question becomes, do you want what you’re paying for?

The Secret Language of “Easy Installation”

You might take a look around and find that there are plenty of options for vinyl lettering that include “easy installation.”  But who’s supposed to perform this easy installation?  Oh, that’s right, you are.  This is one of the ways that custom lettering outfits can cut costs and responsibility—because you know that if there’s something wrong with the way it turns out, they can chalk it up to user error. What would happen if, say, an air bubble was trapped beneath the lettering?  A pro would be able to sweep it out; they’re trained to take care of that.  But some lettering companies say that you can just pierce it with a needle or a razor.  You wouldn’t want to start slicing at your car with a razor, would you?  Not to mention that piercing the vinyl like this might lead to a quicker degradation and maybe trap water next to your car—not a fun time.

Boxed In Options

The lettering on the side of your car won’t last, and it’s not fun to install.  But it’s got to have some benefit, right?  Sure, I guess.  Like if you drive around a perfectly white cube, maybe lettering is the way to go.  Vinyl lettering doesn’t really like to set on curvature, so your bumper is right out.  And if you happen to use a vehicle with any ridges or liners on the paneling, that can make it difficult to use lettering. Also, lettering is often monochromatic—and mostly black.  Black can be hard to see, and it’s definitely easy to miss.  So unless you’re driving around a paper white cube, you might not be getting all you want out of your lettering.  But then, if you drive a cube, you might not need much at all to get attention.

The Decision Is Yours

Have you been using lettering on your fleet?  Have you experienced any of these issues, or do you think I’m just full of hot air?  If you’re thinking about moving on to a full wrap for your fleet, click here.  And if you’ve got any thoughts on lettering, leave them in the comments below! You May Also Like…

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