AutoTize’s Window, Wall & Floor Graphic FAQ’s

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What is a Window, Wall & Floor Mural?

AutoTize LLC will print your graphics to unlimited sizes on any Interior/Exterior Window, Wall or Floor . We seam the panels together to produce bigger than life size images (window & building wraps, wall murals, etc.). Single panels can be printed up to 16 feet by 165 feet. Our Window, Wall & Floor Murals can be used for a wide variety of applications such as Visual Merchandising for buildings, billboards, indoor banners, signage, posters and tradeshows.

What materials can you print on?

Our standard materials are reinforced vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, perforated vinyl, canvas, backlight, paper, vinyl mesh and fabric. We also print on custom materials as needed.

Are the inks water and fade resistant?

Yes, the inks are water-resistant and contain a UV protection.

What does Window/Wall Mural/Sign cost?

The cost of a Window, Wall Mural/Sign to be produced varies based on the size and application. Please contact us at 1-866-333-4321 or fill out the "Get a Quote" form and we will contact you shortly with an estimate for your project.

How does the process work?

1. Tell us about your Project.
Fill out the "Get a Quote" form provided on the website. If you have a digital file of what your wall looks like please email it to AutoTize LLC .

2. Project Review.
As part of our service, a Customer Service Representative will call you to review the specifications. We will review the details of your project to provide an accurate quote and discuss your scheduling needs.

3. Sign off of Quote.
A Quote will be faxed, mailed or emailed for your review. Upon approval, please sign the Quote Form and fax to 1-425-338-0105

4. AutoTize LLC will provide file specifications.
AutoTize LLC will forward you file preferences and art requirements.

5. Submit Files.
Submit your project via courier, Federal Express or mail to AutoTize LLC. If you have any color guides or preferences please submit them with your project.

6. Review Proof.
AutoTize LLC will provide a color rendering for your approval. We will work with you to ensure your final product meets your design & color requirements. After the sign-off of Approval Rendering final production begins.

7. Install Graphics.
As part of our service, we can arrange installation of your Window/Wall or Floor Mural in regional location designated.

How long does the process take?

The guidelines for scheduling are general. AutoTize LLC does have a large production capacity available and can accommodate most media dates. Always review your scheduling needs with our Customer Service Representative.

1.In general a rendering is provided in 3-4 working days, Allow for another 2-3 working days if another round of renderings are required.

2. Allow 7 – 10 working days for production of the graphics. At this point we can schedule the installation of your Window/Wall Floor Mural, if required.

3. Installation generally requires 1-2 days.

What type of digital files do you prefer?

Our application preferences are PhotoShop and Illustrator submitted on CD, Zip or Jaz disks. The color space is CMYK and provide only the necessary files to complete your graphics refer to Art Requirements. Please provide a hard copy of your finished graphic (preferably color correct) when submitting your files. This will help to ensure efficient communication.

We can handle most files & media types yet some application provide challenging production issues. Call us for review if you have a file created in a program other than PhotoShop or Illustrator.

Custom design is one of our specialties. Our in-house creative group is set up like a stand-alone design firm, but we specialize in large-format graphics design. And, our hourly rate is less than most independent design firms.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer C.O.D., and Net Terms.

New Accounts/Net Terms – A minimum 50% deposit will be required on all new accounts.

C.O.D. – Remit check in with your Get a Quote form to AutoTize LLC /13300 Bothell Everett Hwy Suite #6146 / Mill Creek, WA. 98012. We will call you to confirm receipt.

Call us or email [email protected] LLC to start your Window/Wall or Floor Mural!

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