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Vehicle Wrap FAQ's

What is a Vehicle/Promotional Wrap?

A Vehicle/Promotional Wrap is any vehicle fully covered with graphic material. This can be done with full color printed vinyl graphics, die-cut colored vinyl, or a combination of both.

What kind of vehicles can be wrapped?

All makes and models of vehicles can be wrapped. Vehicles with fewer curves are easier, and larger vehicles have more area for your message. 

How long do Vehicle Wraps last?

At AutoTize you have a choice based on the desired duration of the graphics application. On an average permanent application the Vehicle Wrap graphics will last up to 5 years, with the window areas lasting about 2 years. For promotional applications, shorter term materials are available. 

What happens when the graphics are removed?

In both application and removal of Vehicle Wraps, the key is working with an experienced installer such as AutoTize. We rarely experience any problems, with paint removeal, especially with newer vehicles. If your vehicle is in good condition and has no prior repainting or touch-up painting AutoTize does not foresee any problems when the graphics are removed. Older or repainted vehicles may exhibit some damage to the paint upon removal of the graphics. It is still important to realize that paint issues upon removal from wrapped passenger vehicles, SUV's and other fleet applications are not covered by warranty. 

Does the car have to be a certain color to make the Vehicle Wrap work?

A full Vehicle Wrap will cover all painted areas and, in most cases, the original paint color will not affect the vehicle graphics (exceptions include painted bumpers and mirrors that may not be covered). The graphic material is opaque, so all areas covered with the design will not show the original paint color.

Who designs what the actual vehicle will look like?

Your designer or AutoTize. We also focus on the production and installation of chosen design. We have an extensive library of computer templates for vehicles which takes the guesswork out of your design. Our staff of production artists are educated with all the latest computer design programs and we pride ourselves on producing the color and details as specified by your design.

What does wrapping cost?

A Vehicle Wrap can range from $2000.00 to $10,000.00 depending upon the size of your vehicle and the scope of your project. Call us 1-866-333-4321 or fill out our "Get a Quote" form and we will quickly contact you.

How does the process work?

1. Tell us about your Project.
Fill out the "Get a Quote" form provided on the website. If you have a digital file of what your vehicle looks like please attach it to the quote form.

2. Project Review.
As part of our service, a Customer Service Representative will call you to review the specifications. We will review the details of your project to provide an accurate quote and discuss your scheduling needs.

3. Sign off of Quote.
A Quote will be faxed, mailed, or emailed for your review. Upon approval, please sign the Quote Form and fax to 1-425-338-0105.

4. AutoTize will create or provide Templates.
Upon receipt of your signed quote, AutoTize will create, email, or forward you a digital template (Illustrator, MAC) of your vehicle to use in designing your graphics.

5. Submit Files.
Submit your project via courier, Federal Express or mail. We recommend providing a hard copy of each image and any color guides or preferences with your files/art.

6. Review Rendering.
AutoTize will provide a color rendering for your approval. After the sign-off of an Approval Rendering form final production will begin.

7. Install Graphics.
Final installation of your Wrap can be in our garage, at your location, or at any regional location designated.

8. Removal of the Wrap.
If your Vehicle Wrap is not intended for permanent application please discuss scheduling and cost with your Customer Service Representative.

How long does the process take?

Here are a few general guidelines for scheduling. Please review your scheduling needs with our Customer Service Representatives.

1) Providing a color rendering generally takes 3 – 5 working days. We work with you to ensure your final product meets your design & color requirements. If you require another rendering, allow for an additional 2 working days.

2) Allow 10 days for production of the final product. At this point we can create your final installation schedule.

3) Installation generally requires 1-2 days.

Rush schedules are available with overtime & rush fees.

What type of digital files do you prefer?

Our application preferences are PhotoShop and Illustrator submitted on CD, Zip, or Jaz disks. The color space is CMYK and please provide only the necessary files to complete your graphics, refer to Art Requirements. To ensure efficient communication please provide a hard copy of your finished graphic (preferably color correct) when submitting your files.

We can handle most files and media types, refer to Art Requirements. However, some applications provide challenging production issues. Call us for a review if you have files created in a program other than PhotoShop or Illustrator.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer C.O.D. and Net Terms:

To open a New Accounts/Net Terms – A minimum 50% deposit will be required on all new accounts.

C.O.D. -Remit payment to AutoTize LLC / 13300 Bothell Everett Hwy #6146 / Mill Creek, WA. 98012. We will call you to confirm receipt.
Call us or email [email protected] to start your Vehicle Wrap!

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